Frequently Asked Questions about BookBuilders. 

If I publish with BookBuilders, do I own the rights to my book?

The author retains all rights to the content of the book. BookBuilders retains the rights to the book format and layout of both the interior document and the cover art (unless supplied by the author).BookBuilders also retains rights to the ISBN assigned to the book, and authors must obtain a replacement ISBN if they ever choose to republish their book.

Who owns film, television and other media rights?

The author retains all rights to the content of the book and all rights to film, television and other media contracts.

How long is my contract?

There is no length to an author’s contract. It stays in effect perpetually until the author cancels. Any paid distribution access would need to be re-purchased, but it is not necessary to do this to maintain the author’s contract.

Can I publish my e-book somewhere else?

The author owns the rights to the content and can re-publish the content of the e-book elsewhere but must obtain a new ISBN. They may not use the format and/or layout created by BookBuilders.

Who owns the rights to the cover?

BookBuilders owns rights to cover art and cover design unless the author creates and submits artwork independently or purchases an add-on cover design service as part of their contract.

Can I use my cover image for advertising?

BookBuilders will provide a cover jpeg file (typically less than 1mb) to the author for promotional use. The author may utilize the cover image for promotions, social media marketing, or to create their own promotional materials. This image may not be used in re-publication of any book previously published with BookBuilders.

What happens if I cancel my contract with BookBuilders?

If an author cancels their contract, their book is removed from the BookBuilders website and from any distributors’ databases. The author does not receive a refund of monies paid and materials are not returned.

What happens if BookBuilders cancels their contract with me?

BookBuilders exercises the right to cancel the book for content reasons such as copyright, libel, hate speech or extreme pornography or any other reason it deems. In this event, all contract fees will be refunded and materials supplied by the author will be returned. No refund will be granted for work already completed (if such work has commenced).

What if I have already published my book?

Your contract with BookBuilders is non-exclusive. We publish books that have been published previously, however your previous publisher also must have a non-exclusive contract. Alternately, you provide BookBuilders with a release from your previous publisher.

Can I have my production files once you publish me book?

BookBuilders does not provide interior or cover files (other than described above) to the author for any reason.