Don’t let your dissertation just sit on your shelf- turn it into a beautiful, readable book! With just a few easy steps, take your ideas and create a beautiful and marketable book to distribute worldwide! 

Honor the work that you did to complete this masterpiece by taking it to a wide audience. Here are some easy steps to complete this process: 

  1. Decide if you want to publish the whole thing or just specific parts. Often times, dissertations can include detailed studies, research findings and other elements that don’t translate well into a book. Its possible that your dissertation has specific sections that are better suited for a book than others; focus on those! Make sure, however, that the scope of the book is broad enough to have a wide interest base if you are choosing to focus on one or two aspects of your work. 
  2. Does it pass the readability test? Give your masterpiece to someone in your field- maybe a friend, colleague or supervisor- and see if they find it relatable, interesting and generally easy to understand. While the ideas in your dissertation might be complex, the way that you describe or discuss those ideas shouldn’t be so hard to understand that readers lose interest. Consider reading sections aloud to a friend (or even to yourself) and see if you can simplify some of the language, if necessary. 
  3. Develop any connections or underlying assumptions that may be missing. The audience for your dissertation is a narrow audience of individuals and scholars who are experts in your field. For a larger audience, you may need to build some of those connections for your readers. Maybe its a theory that all physicists should know or an education term that is known by most educational researchers. Consider whether you should add definitions or introductions to clarify these ideas.  

However you decide to proceed, let our experts help guide you on your way! There’s never been a better time to harness your excitement about your work and get your ideas out into the world!

Turn my dissertation into a book!

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